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About Arijet Communications

Arijet Communications Inc. specializes in IT network support and turn-key low voltage solutions for any size business. All of our installation services are guaranteed with a 20+ year manufacturer warranty. The majority of our clients are repeat customers based on relationships developed over the years with our team members. We are continually expanding our client base by providing competitive pricing and exceeding customer expectations.

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Our Philosophy

We want our customers to experience the “Arijet Effect”. The “Arijet Effect” is an experience that lets the client know that they are dealing with industry professionals who place their needs above all others. The “Arijet Effect” will leave the customer feeling confident that their infrastructure is in good hands for years to come. .

Budgetary Proposal

Whether working directly with an end user client or working directly with the major players in new construction arena, Arijet Communications will work tirelessly to provide value in establishing accurate scope and price at no additional cost to our clients. Working with construction management firms, general contractors, commercial real estate firms and design build electrical firms is an extremely process oriented endeavor. Arijet Communications is happy to provide conceptual budgets or budgets at the SD, DD and CD phases of the bidding process. We stand behind our pricing knowing that we are not always the lowest bidder but rather the contractor that provides the most value because of how we operate. There can never be too much emphasis placed on the value of new and existing client needs.

Hard Bid Proposals

Arijet Communincations is a competitive low voltage contractor happy to provide hard bid proposals to end user clients, GC’s, CM’s, EC’s, ACE community and commercial real estate project managers. We want to provide competitive, consistent and accurate hard bid proposals that give the client confidence that they are choosing the right contractor. Our experience has dictated repeat business for years with the same group people throughout the construction industry. Our end user clients know exactly what they are getting before we ever step on to their site.

Arijet Partners

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Martin Glover

Dallas, Texas

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We had an issue on Saturday and were able to hire Arijet Communications to fix our server. They're very professional and we recommend them to any company looking for fast and friendly IT services.