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Fiber Optic Cabling Installation Services

Arijet Communications provides cutting-edge professional fiber optic cable installation services with future-proof capabilities.  Our mission for every fiber optic installation is to provide the most efficient and robust network possible.  Structured network cabling is Arijet’s MO. We believe strongly that a faster and more stable network infrastructure can continuously improve the way that your business or organization communicates.  Whether you’re looking for an updated structured cabling solution, or a completely new fiber optic network – Arijet Communications has the experience, the certifications, and the work ethic required to bring the highest quality fiber optic network to your company.


What is fiber optic cabling?

Fiber optics uses light to transmit data in a faster and higher capacity than it’s copper counterpart.  Fiber optic cable is made up of two separate layers of glass.  The core sends the light signal, and the cladding, which is the layer of glass that surrounds the core. Fiber optic cables and technology has very low transmission losses in comparison to copper cable.  This creates a much more stable and reliable connection for all types of communication and data transmissions.  Fiber optic cable is immune to cross-talk and electromagnectic interference.

Fiber optic cables are typically rated at 10Gbps, 40Gbps, and 100Gbps.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Cable:

  • Faster Download and Upload Speeds
  • Better reliability
  • Thinner and sturdier cables
  • More adaptable for the future
  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Better for VoIP applications
  • Improved latency for improved collaboration
  • Enhanced security
  • Better upport for HD video

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