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Paging System Installation Services

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Paging System Installation Services

Arijet Communications provides best in class turn-key overhead paging system installation services.  Connect your phone to an overhead loud speaker and paging system. Installing a paging system will allow your staff to make office announcements at any time to your entire company.  Our experienced technicians will assess your paging system needs by visiting your office, allowing us to deliver an accurate and cost-efficient proposal for your business.

Benefits of Paging Systems for Businesses

  • Emergency Paging
  • Paging Horn Installation: Loud Ringer and Alerts
  • Night Ring Clock Timer Paging Controller Installation
  • Indoor and Outdoor Paging Systems
  • Paging Speakers: Corner Speakers and Wall Speakers

  • Talkback Paging
  • Telephone Ringers
  • Zone Paging
  • Background / Overhead Music
  • Night ringers and strobe light

low voltage cabling
low voltage cabling

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